My department at the CSU Office of the Chancellor collaborated with UC Santa Cruz staff in the ITS Experience Strategy & Design unit to create an interactive presentation poster to present at the EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting in October 2022. 

The theme is dark take on the design process (or lack thereof) in IT and university teams that are thriving to create digital transformation. In the style of Chutes and Ladders, the players land on squares that either accelerate their progress toward transformation or squares that hinder them. These represent both the choices and circumstances that design teams face throughout a project lifecycle.

The poster included a QR code for conference attendees to visit a landing page to read more context and invite them to share a PNG of the board game with colleagues for professional development and project planning. 
View the actual board game up close to read the tiles. Tile art was created by MidJourney AI art and was compiled on Adobe Illustrator. 
*This game board and presentation poster was created in collaboration with Mary Watkins, UX Manager of IT Services at UCSC. 

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